miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Mira lo que contendra el DVD de The Realm Of Napalm Records Vol IV

El sello Napalm Records estrena su cuarta compilacion de DVD titulado The Realm Of Napalm Records Vol IV, este DVD estara compuesto por un digipack que contendra un insert de 6 paginas incluyendo un CD como bonus con los mas recientes exitos de Napalm Records.

DVD tracklisting:

Alter Bridge - “Show Me A Leader”
Hammerfall - “Hammer High”
Powerwolf - “Army Of The Night”
Kamelot - “Liar Liar” (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
Delain - “Suckerpunch”
Devildriver - “Daybreak”
Otep - “Zero”
W.A.S.P. - “Scream”
The Answer - “Solas”
Grave Digger - “Healed By Metal”
Jinjer - “Words Of Wisdom”
Skindred - “Volume”
Moonspell - “Extinct”
The Agonist - “The Moment”
Serum 114 - “Wilde Zeit”
Civil War - “Tombstone”
John Garcia - “Kylie”
Megaherz - “Einsam”
Monster Magnet - “The Duke Of Supernature”
Alestorm - “Drink”
Xandria - “Nightfall”
Serenity - “Follow Me”
Visions Of Atlantis - “Winternight”
American Head Charge - “Let All The World Believe”
Adept - “Dark Clouds”
Greenleaf - “A Million Fireflies”

Bonus CD tracklisting:

Xandria - “Call Of Destiny”
Walls Of Jericho - “Reign Supreme”
Draconian - “Rivers Between Us” (feat. Daniel Änghede)
Warbringer - “Remain Violent”
The New Roses - “What If It Was You”
Gloryhammer - “Rise Of The Chaos Wizards”
Black Mirrors - “Funky Queen”
AHAB - “Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)”
Skalmöld - “Niðavellir”
Nervosa - “Hostages”
Diabulus in Musica - “Earthly Illusions”
Evil Invaders - “Raising Hell”
Be´lakor - “An Ember’s Arc”
Drescher - “Unten”
8kids - “Blitzschlag”
Toxpack - “Willkommen im Klub”

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